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On a daily basis I get request for donations for fund raisers and such. I cant give to everyone so what I have done is, I created a knife called the Patriot Knife. I decide who its given to or donated to. I will not sell the Patriot knife. It's only used as an award to people that do good deeds for their community, church or non profit organization or go above and beyond the call of duty. I also donate the knives to raise money for fundraisers that I have checked out.
Since starting the Patriot Knife 6 years ago I have built over 100 of them. I'm disabled and live in pain daily, because of this I have an addiction but not to pain meds. Its called Giving and when I give, the pain goes away for a short period. Below are photos of the Patriot Knife. So, unless I have the time to build something else for a donation this is all I am doing. I made 26 Patriot Knives for 2014, 18 for donations and 8 were awarded to individuals.
 To help me with the cost of these knives I started selling hats and a sponsor knife. All money made from the sales will go towards building more.
Also you can go to http://www.gofundme.com/Patriotknife
I have a website started and under construction right now, www.thepatriotknife.us On the site I'll be selling hats and sponsor knives until it complete you can go to the Go Fund Me Account to purchase hats

2016 Design of Patriot Knife

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