Lonesome Tree Designs Custom Leather & Knives - Custom leather & knives made the old fashion way, made in U.S.A.
Knife Handles
I used Mesquite wood for many knives over the years till I discovered Pecan, I guess I preferred Mesquite because I smoked meats with it as well. Now Pecan is a great wood to smoke meats with too but we're not here talking BBQ. Below you will see Pecan, Mesquite, Birdseye Maple, Axis Antler, Whitetail Anter, Elk Antler, Laminated Wood and Micarta. If you click on the photo it will give you a description.
This is stabilized Spanish Oak Burl
Quilted Stabilized MapleMesquite BurlMammoth ToothHot Pink Denim Micarta made custom for Krystal Campbell of the TV Show American HoggersHickory BurlPecan wood dyed using Black/Cherry DyeRed Oak BurlSpalted HickoryMesquite BurlBuckeye Burl with pink dye addedMesquite BurlMammoth ToothHickory BurlRed Oak BurlCherry/Walnut Laminate, Also comes in many other colors as well.Whitetail Deer Antler
Glow in the dark handlesBirdseye MapleVariety of stabilized woods with color added to them
Pecan Wood dyed with a Saddle Tand Dye
Mesquite with just a coat of oil
Natural Pecan Wood without any dye just oiledMesquite dyed using Black/Cherry dye
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